Our Roadmap

✅ Q1 Product development & Beta Testing

  • 3800+ registered users for closed beta
  • Product development
  • LLM training
  • Platform iteration
  • Closed beta
  • Launch Chrome browser plugin

Q2 Beta Launch

  • Solana Testnet launch
  • $EDEN ICO & 1st election of governance committee
  • Confirm founding organization partners (3-5 organizations/DAOs/Projects)
  • Launch Firefox and Safari browser plugin
  • Launch Circle Merging feature

Q3 Official Launch

  • Solana Mainnet Launch
  • Open Eden bridge, users can bridge platform assets to on-chain assets
  • Launch Eden API, website managers can integrate Eden's feature onto any websites
  • 1st major community event
  • Establish 1st advisory board

Q4 Feature Expansion

  • Eden Browser development
  • Mobile app development
  • Launch WebConnect, users can connect any social profile online to Eden
  • Institutional private sale
  • Listing on major exchanges
  • 2nd election of governance committee