The $EDEN Token

IDO May 2024

Whenever a user creates a Circle, either through AI or himself/herself, an analysis is made to this particular webpage and a node is created. This community-driven process is a collaborative effort that will continue to index the web and enlarge the infinitely scalable social graph on Eden.

Users are rewarded with Jade whenever they contribute to this indexing process and it can be converted into $EDEN for passive participation in profit-sharing. Users can also stake their $EDEN for increased reward and governance power.

Eden will be governed by a DAO structure. For each term period (2 quarters), all $EDEN holders will vote to elect 3-5 members to our Governance Committee. Governance Committee members will make proposals and all major decisions will be voted by $EDEN holders.

In addition to the elected committee, Eden's Team reserves the right to nominate at most 2 members to the governance board.

More information about the $Eden tokenomics can be found in our whitepaper.


Eden is releasing it's 🪙 $Eden through a public IDO. Investors will have the chance to buy Eden at 💥the lowest possible price on ⌚️May the 8th 2024. The IDO will last ⏰24 hours. After the IDO is concluded, liquidity will be created on Raydium swap to allow public investors to trade their Eden token freely on the🔗Solana blockchain.

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💰 Token Distribution

Treasury/Reserve (Vested)30%
Staking Rewards (Vested)15%
Public Sale12%
Strategic Partnerships6%
Platform (Vested)15%
Post Launch VC Rounds (Vested)8%
Team (Vested)14%

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