Social Interactions with AI

Eden is building a global layer zero for social with a system of AI-powered consumer-facing applications and business-facing integrations. At the very core, Eden is an AI-powered SocialFi platform that allows users to create Circles on any webpage of their interests.

Powered by our uniquely pre-trained LLM embedded browser plugin, users can interact with our platform seamlessly while browsing the web. In just one-click, users can execute an analysis of the page and leave a node for other users to interact with.

As users create circles and interact within the community, users will acquire Jade, our unique off-chain point that can be converted into $EDEN, our official token. This is essentially a proof-of-work mechanism whereby users are indexing the entire web and connecting with other users over common interests, or shared community.

By turning every single website online into nodes of connection, we are building the global Layer0 for social.

Eden can be understood as a “Google for People” as it allows users to create or join a circle on any webpage that piques your interests through our browser extension. Users mix and match circles to discover any forms of mutual connections - similar to how anyone can search for anything on Google.

Eden has the potential to revolutionize social interactions on the web by providing a seamless way for users to connect and interact based on their interests. Integrating blockchain technology adds an additional layer of security and incentivization to the platform.





🔢 EDEN in Numbers



Eden was started by Mike and Nolan, at the time undergaduate students at Colombia University in New York.

Web Pages


With Eden, you can comment and interact on Any web page on the World Wide Web.

Google Rating


Our Extension is amongst the top rated Social products on the Chrome store.

Number of Users


Our growth so far has been 100% organic.

👁️ Our vision

Despite the multi-billion dollar combined market cap of social media companies, we are only sharing 1% of our real selves online due to the design of the current products: gated platforms, single identity, single social graph. This stifles our ability for free expression. Eden's vision is to create a platform that finally meets the 99% unsatisfied social needs of people, where users come for the tool and stay for the network, collectively building a global layer zero for online social.

A Tool To Build Connections

Thanks to our AI-powered platform, users can find the right people and community with greater accuracy and efficiency

Real Interests, Genuine Community

Engaged communities bounded by common interests. People connect with like-minded people, share real thoughts, and get recognition from their peers.

Place for Self Expression

Content on Eden is 10x more authentic than traditional platforms as people can talk freely (rant, sarcasm, humor, affirmation, etc.)